What it’s like to work at Kanon Gaming

Great atmosphere, fun colleagues and a very supportive and understanding management staff. It’s amazing how much I grew up professionally in the year I’ve been here. I like the culture we promote – one of communication and freedom of expression.

Kanon Gaming is an Amazing place to work, as you from day 1 feel welcomed by the employees and Management. Furthermore you get a lot of Freedom to do what you do best within your field. Other than that the opportunities are endless if you work for it. I for example Started in Customer Support, but quickly gained more responsibility and now in Marketing. Which is one of the Good things about working in a small office like this, if you do good things it is very easy to get noticed. Free Gym Sponsors if you want to do an Event with your Colleagues, E.g. We played a football tournament paid by the company and we got jerseys sponsored as well. Hosts fun events.

Your time at Kanon Gaming is what you make it to be – you have the chance of growing in the direction which you find most interesting. The team is from all over the world and since it’s small, we all help each other out.

Our Benefits