Gambling addiction is when you are no longer able to control your gambling. You gamble for other reasons but leisure, you gamble for longer periods of time, you gamble for more money than you are able to afford, you gamble for other people’s money, you commit crimes to be able to sustain the habit, eventually you may also lose your family and work. You are not controlling your gambling, but rather your gambling is controlling you.
Exactly what causes gambling addiction is not known. As many other addictions, it may be both nature and nurture. Research does however show that the majority of gambling addicts also are addicted to something else, most commonly alcohol and other substances. It is common for addicts to replace one addiction with another, as they generally are looking for a thrill - the next kick. And some are determined to destroy their own lives as they believe they do not deserve being happy or at peace. A lot of people do not gamble primarily for the financial rewards which it might bring, but rather to reduce anxiety and other negative emotions. The gambling may generate the same kind of kick and thrill which may be equivalent to that of alcohol and drugs.
When someone with a close relationship, friend or family member has a gambling addiction. Personality which likes competitions, are impulsive, easily restless or bored. Starting to gamble at a young age. Other problems with addiction, depression, ADHD or anxiety.
The first step is to admit that you have a problem. There are several organisations which offer counselling for individuals with gambling problems. If you have self-excluded permanently from our platforms, you will not be able to ever open another account on that platform. You can request this self-exclusion by sending an email to our customer support.
Sweden further has a function called Spelpaus. This translates to Gamepause in English. A player can, by using this tool, exclude himself from all casinos which have a Swedish licence - both land-based and online. We do also offer self-exclusion, but this would only be on our platform. The time which are available to exclude for are: 24 hours, 1 week, 1 months, 3 months, 1 year. The player will exclude themselves using BankID.
You have to set certain limits to your account. These are deposit and session limits. Should you further feel like you are not in control of your gambling, we suggest that you utilise our self-exclusion tool. You can also contact our customer support department for further assistance. Note that there are several organisations and support groups which we will gladly put you in contact with, should you require assistance.
In order to register on spelpaus, you can please access their registry by using their website: http://www.spelpaus.se and you self-exclude by using your BankID.
Denmark has a similar function called ROFUS. A player will have the opportunity to take a 24-hour break from gambling or a temporary break of 1, 3, or 6 months. A player will also have the opportunity to self-exclude permanently. The temporary exclusions will automatically be lifted when the period expires on the exact time. Should a player have chosen to self-exclude permanently, he/she can request the Danish Gambling Authority to have his/her registration removed one year after his/her registration at the earliest. To have the registration in ROFUS removed, a player must log into www.rofus.nu using his/her NemID. The request must be confirmed by logging into www.rofus.nu no earlier than seven days and no later than 30 days after the request was made.
You can elect to self-exclude by making that choice while being logged-in to your account. You may also contact our customer support and they will assist you.
If you choose to close your account permanently, you will not be able to open another account on that platform in the future. Please contact our customer support and they will assist you.