Are you in the danger-zone?
It is very important to us that our players are in control of their habits and play in a responsible way. Should you feel like you are unsure of whether your habits and way of playing are healthy for yourself and your surroundings, please complete the test below.
Remember that it is important to be honest with yourself.
Take the Kanon Gaming Safe Play test
Answer yes or no on the following questions
1. Preoccupying the mind
2. Need to spend more to get the same thrill
3. Unable to control and limit the losses
4. Abstinence when unable to gamble
5. Gamble to forget problems
6. Tries to win back losses
7. Lies to cover up the magnitude of gambling
8. Sacrificed social relationships and opportunities by gambling
9. Rely on others to fix financial problems due to gambling
If you answered yes on more than 4 of the 9 questions, you may be regarded as a gambling addict, or be in the risk-zone of becoming one.
It is important that you look over your habits and seek help, should you feel like you are losing control.